INvest NC

"Offering Investment Portfolios and Single Family Rentals" 

Realty Services

Licensed Broker on Staff

We offer listing services as well as represent investors in purchasing investment properties the traditional way, MLS listings.  We also represent buyers and sellers of primary residence homes.

Contractor Services

Licensed contractors on call 24/7

We have partnered with some of the best contractors in the area.  This is a huge benefit when an investor purchases a home from us that needs some renovations or updates in order to get a good tenant procured. 

Property Management Services

Chief Executive Officer

We offer Two services:
The first is an in house tenant procurement agreement.  We do all marketing, find the tenant, qualify tenant with our terms, do walk-through with tenant, then turn the land-lording over to you, the owner or property management company.  We charge 50% of your 1st months rent.

Secondly, we have agreements with large property management companies that will procure tenant and manage the property for 10% of your monthly rent.  

Investment Services

Our company specializes in helping our investors build their wealth through passive cash flowing properties. 

We also offer 8%-12% returns on private money loans backed by real estate.

Soon we hope to put a pool of investors together to purchase larger portfolios and share in the profits.


Creative Deal Strategies 

This is by my personal favorite!  Our team is diverse in many creative real estate options and we love sitting down with a seller at their kitchen table and figuring out what the best option for them may be.  It's not always about making money for us... sometimes the feeling of giving knowledge and helping someone out of a bad situation is way more fulfilling then getting a deal.  We believe in Karma and if we can help you, then you will tell your friends and we may be able to help them as well.